In the process of reading: Ready Player One

I have a habit of putting down a book I’m reading for a day, or so, then picking it back up and not liking it half as much as I had. That’s happening with Ready Player One. It’s full (overflowing, even) of 80s pop culture references. They’re fun for a while (I grew up in the 80s), but they’re really getting old. I think this novel would be much better if it was much shorter.

That, and The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings keep popping up, and I’m looking forward to reading them again. I almost picked up The Hobbit instead of Ready Player One, but since I’m blogging for the liberry now, too, I didn’t want to start off with two books I’d already read, neither of which are remotely new. I’m kind of regretting that now.

I think I’ll spend a good chunk of the afternoon reading. I’m only at 35% of Ready Player One. To stay on schedule, I have to finish by this time next week, which won’t be hard. I’m just getting tired of reading it.

Bonus: Biblioklept posted this oldschool paperback, which is one of Tolkein’s original drawings and which, I’m pretty sure, appeared on the first copy of The Fellowship of the Ring I ever owned (there have been several).


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